Mad Men 6X09 – The Better Half


I was a little late to this episode, due to an avalanche of uni assessments that I left as late as possible to start tackling. A few day after it aired (in the US), I saw on my Facebook newsfeed (not naming anyone……SUE!) ‘Ugh.. Don and Betty. Yuck. And why!?’. My first thought was, ‘cool, someone who watches Mad Men’. My second thought was ‘Wait…..What????!!!!!’. So my whole viewing experience came down to waiting for that moment. It was to the show’s credit that it didn’t really feel like a big deal, or even a major faux pas for Don, who I think we all gave up on seasons ago, in the fidelity department. And for whatever their relationship lacked, Don and Betty always valued their sex life.

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Mad Men 6×08 – The Crash


This is an awfully strange episode, but not quite strangely awful.

At this stage (episode 8) in both seasons 4 and 5, things really started to pick up steam and those episodes represented the best of what Mad Men has to offer. I haven’t been getting the same feeling from this season. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still one of the best shows on television and I haven’t disliked any episodes this season, but it also hasn’t built up an unparalleled level of quality that the best Mad Men seasons offer. I think that has something to do with the idea of chaos that Mad Men has been playing with recently.

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