Music Playlist #1

Playlist featuring the music from artists that start with A. I’m not going alphabetically (and it won’t always be grouped by artist) but I think ‘A’ would be a good place to start.

1. Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire – Two Way Action

The Swimming Hour (2001)

2. Akron/Family – I’ve Got Some Friends

Love Is Simple (2007)

3. Avi Buffalo – One Last

Avi Buffalo (2010)

4. Adam Green – Novotel

Jacket Full of Danger (2006)

5. Architecture In Helsinki – The Cemetery

In Case We Die (2005)

6. The Avalanches – Two Hearts in 3/4 Time

Since I Left You  (2001)

7. Allo Darlin’ – Tallulah

Europe (2012)

8. The Apples In Stereo – The Bird That You Can’t See

The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone (2000)

9. Apollo Sunshine – I Was On The Moon

Katonah (2003)

10. Atlas Sound – Walkabout (Feat. Noah Lennox)

Logos (2009)

11. Animal Collective – Who Could Win A Rabbit

Sung Tongs (2004)

12.  A.C. Newman – 35 In The Shade

The Slow Wonder (2004)

13. Arcade Fire – Antichrist Television Blues

Neon Bible (2007)

14. Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra – Olly Olly Oxen Free

Theatre Is Evil (2012)

15. Autre Ne Veut – Counting

Anxiety (2013)

16. Air – All I Need

Moon Safari (1998)


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